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Colorful Flowers

Gardening Enrichment

November 22, 23, 29, 30 and December 6 & 7, several SGC members came to Homework Helpers and facilitated students in creating their posters for the Woodsy Owl Poster Contest. We not only taught the 50 elementary students Woodsy Owl’s message about caring for the land, but none of the high school tutors knew anything about Woodsy Owl.   SGC members then helped students follow all the rules in creating their posters and fill out the necessary paperwork to submit posters.  Over those 6 days, we had seventeen SGC members volunteer. We now have about 45 posters to judge before we send them along to Piedmont District.
November 10th, 2021
The Community Hospice House received 15 cheerful arrangements, plus one slightly larger for the reception desk, all created by talented SGC members. 
hospice flowers11.9.jpg

Redeemer Preschool Nature Program

On October 28, 2021 six SGC members participated in the Fall planting project with the 4 years olds at Redeemer Preschool.  The children planted bulbs with the assistance of club members.  The kids were engaged during the whole lesson. Teacher feedback is positive and parents send photos to the teachers of the bulbs as they grow. In the spring we will plant impatiens and portulaca with the students. 





New Project  2020:  Veterans Art for the Journey

This is a new project working with men and women with PTSD.

We hope to provide creative activities using flowers and plants

that will give the veterans a sense of pride and enjoyment. 



























Redeemer Preschool Nature Project

This is one of the club's youth education activities.  Our goal is to involve the children with instructional and fun gardening projects as they learn about plants and bulbs.






Southampton Elementary School

This is an inner city school where the club provides educational and mentoring opportunities for the fifth grade Garden Club.  We plan and implement activities twice a  year to teach the children design methods.






Community Hospice House

We provide floral arrangements three times a year for the entryway at the House.  We hope the arrangements will create a sense of beauty and serenity for the families. SGC members also create individual arrangements for patient rooms.




Bickford Retirement Center

This project began in 2000.  Salisbury Garden Club volunteers help seniors create decorative arrangements to encourage an interest in flowers and design.



Gardening Enrichment Homework Helpers

Various gardening fundamentals are taught to approximately seventy-two children using participatory activities. SGC members provide 3-4 educational activities that are fun and instructive while bridging cultures. SGC members volunteer at Homework Helpers, an after-school tutorial program, helping 72 children from grades K -5 and their HS tutors learn about the joys of gardening and protecting their environment. Projects include repurposing plastic bottles into vases, growing amaryllis bulbs, creating Smokey Bear & Woodsy Owl Posters, and propagating house plants.








Spring Arbor Memory Care

We strive to stimulate the memories of the residents through color and smell. Volunteers incorporate brightly colored flowers and fragrant plants into simple gardening activities.






Meals On Wheels

Several times a year we provide MOW with "mini" arrangements suitable for the meal trays that MOW brings to their clients.


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