Program will be Susan Nienow with the topic being 

        “Container Gardening - Tips for Success”.   

Bio for Susan Nienow

My volunteer work as an MG for a number of years was giving talks about a variety of gardening topics. Then my husband (also a MG since 2004) and I started volunteering for a new program called Learn your Landscape. While I have many interests, my passion is gardening. I love the feel of the dirt in my hands, the successful moments when a plant loves where it is and learning from those plants that don’t like where they are. Because we have plenty of yard, we have a lot to maintain. So I plant flowering annuals and perennials in pots and place them around the yard and deck so that I always have flowers blooming. I have plenty of experience with shade, sun, part sun/shade pots, success and failure. It’s a cliche, but I have learned more from failures than successes. I got my love for gardening from my father who always had a garden, and, at the house where I spent my teen and preteen years, he had a greenhouse. My mother loved flowers if someone else planted and took care of them. I would like to be that way but can’t. I need to play in the dirt!

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