Recent Programs and Events

January 19th Zoom Meeting

       Bob Schamerhorn presented an engaging Zoom program "Attracting Birds with Water" for our January meeting. The photos of over 80 different birds were stunning!  I was surprised at the number of different birds that frequent the Richmond area at various times of the year. The sequence of his photos corresponded to the time of year the birds visit Richmond. 
      Highlights of the program were his amusing videos of the numerous birds bathing in the 'Bird Spa'. He shared a tremendous amount of knowledge about different birds and how to attract them to our backyards.  Bob explained in detail how he created his first 'Bird Spa' along with the improvements he made on his second one.  It was amazing seeing how his natural looking water feature attracted so many different birds, along with other wildlife.  
     The program was not only educational, but entertaining, because of Bob's delightful commentary.  We could actually hear the birds singing in the background.  Check out his website for more information.


 At our  December 15th General Meeting

   Al Brockwell of Flowers Make Scents  

           presented the Program: “Christmas with a Flair”


 Al created several beautiful arrangements with a holiday

   theme using various types of flowers and tropicals





                                                      'MORE THAN JUST HONEY'

                                     Jody Conway, a beekeeper of 9 years, spoke at our November                                                 17th meeting about the challenges and opportunities facing beekeepers and their bees today. Bees affect our very lives; from the food we eat to the beautiful plants and flowers that brighten our day and help to regulate our climate.  Our lives are enhanced by the existence of bees as they go about their job pollinating and making delicious honey.  Almost every plant needs pollination, and the bees are happy to oblige.  Bees, however, are threatened by the increasing use of chemicals and the loss of historic habitat.  Today, bees are struggling to survive and are, in fact, dramatically reducing in numbers. To combat this downward spiral in numbers, apiaries or "bee yard" have moved  from being found solely in rural environments to being set up in urban settings as well  Programs, seminars and workshops such as those run by Jody Conway at her local farm, Dandelion Springs Apiary in Chesterfield,  along with  an educational apiary help promote better understand and respect of our interconnections with the bees. These               programs are working to educate people from farmers to hobbyists to suburban gardeners about the use of                    chemicals in their gardens and encourage the planting of pollinator flowers.  Products made from the hive:                            honey, wax, propolis and pollen are available at Jody's shop, Uptown Girls Honey Shop,  

Julia Clevett, a National Design Instructor and NGC Master Flower Show Judge, was our speaker for the October 20th 2021 general meeting.  Julia, a longtime member of SGC delighted us with her creative "Mix and Match" Fall Designs along with her wonderful British humor.  Using vegetables, flowers and potted plants, she created unusual designs which captivated our interest.  Julia shared many tricks and suggestions with us, such as using bamboo sticks to insert small, colorful peppers and other vegetables into designs, so the vegetables would be safe to consume later.  Another tip was to insert bamboo sticks into the artichoke stems before drying.  Julia kindly offered us the opportunity to raffle her creative designs.  The only disappointment was that everyone was not able to take home one of her designs. 

Our annual Gardener's Exchange, Trunk or Treat took place on October 27, 2021 with over 20 cars in the parking lot.  It was a beautiful afternoon to socialize outside with our SGC friends and to give away/or get plants, books, seeds, magazines, vases, design materials- just about anything gardening or design related. 
trunk or treat 2.jpg
trunk or treat 3.jpeg
trunk or treat 4.jpg

The first picture is a flower made using plant materials.   The second picture is a needle point

of a garden with flowers, bugs, bees, hummingbirds and birds.  The third picture, a slide of

designs made with flower and plant material, was used to help us learn to  judge.             

We also inducted six new members at our September general meeting. Welcome to the Salisbury Garden Club!  We are happy you joined us.   

new members_edited.jpg

On September 15th 2021, we held our first general meeting of the 2020-2021 year.  It was wonderful to see so many of our members in person.  Peyton Wells presented an interactive program "How to Excel in Botanical Arts Division: You be the Judge".  Peyton shared examples of her Botanical designs and explained how Botanical Arts are judged. We then broke into small groups and Peyton walked us through judging some Botanical Arts.  It was interesting to see how the different groups judged the same art!  Peyton's Botanical designs were beautiful, pictures cannot do them justice. 

Field Trip to Tuckahoe Plantation

Salisbury Garden Club had their first activity of the year on September 14, 2021 at Tuckahoe Plantation, a National Historic Landmark. About 20 members went on a nice guided tour of one of the boyhood homes of Thomas Jefferson and their beautiful gardens. Tuckahoe, built for the Randolph family between 1730 and 1740 is considered by architectural historians to be among the finest early 18th century plantation homes in America. Tuckahoe features formal Floral Gardens, the colonial Herb Garden, as well as other charming pockets of gardens all around the grounds. What a wonderful way to begin a new club year!

     Hairy Balls, a host for      the monarch butterfly

No Monarchs visited this year, so we were given           some of the Harry Balls to take home in hopes of         attracting some at home. At least one member   attracted  Monarch caterpillars to her cutting!  

Views of Formal Garden

Trifoliate Orange

Cutting Gardens

The August Luncheon was well attended by 45 of our members!
         It was an absolutely beautiful day in a wonderful location on the Swift Creek Reservoir.  The sun was shining but it wasn't too warm.  All who attended were happy to see each other for the first time in over a year.  It took 3 times of trying to get us here due to the pandemic, but it was well worth the wait.  The menu was delicious and The Boathouse did a fantastic job serving it.  Plus the cake was once again from
Costco and they know how to make a moist, scrumptious sheet cake.  We had
11 members make centerpieces for our tables and can be seen by clicking the
above link.  A huge thank you to Nancy and Shirley!!


Luncheon 3.jpg
Luncheon 5_edited.jpg
Luncheon 4_edited.jpg
Luncheon 1_edited.jpg
Luncheon 2.jpg

David Pippin's
program on April 22, 2021
entertained and taught us, 
both in person and on Zoom!
Thank you for sharing your talents with us! 

Ward class 4.jpg
Ward class 5.jpg
Ward class 3.jpg
Ward class 1.jpg

 Our March 9, 2021 workshop was great!  Kathy Ward's designs and instructions were  inspiring.  Here are some photos from the workshop!

Ward class 2.jpg

More beautiful arrangements for Hospice House were delivered on April 25, 2021!

arrangements for hospice house april 202
Below are pictures of the amazing arrangements each of you so kindly made for the Community      Hospice House on January 28, 2021. Ellen Manning the Hospice volunteer coordinator could                   
not believe that we had thirty-five arrangements for her to deliver to the House. Thank you!
Hospice House arrangements 2.jpg
Hospice House arrangements 1.jpg

Spring Arbor 1.jpg
Spring Arbor 2.jpg
Spring Arbor 3.jpg
Spring Arbor 4.jpg

On April 20, 2021 several members met at Spring Arbor Memory Care to plant flowers and herbs in large wooden planters.  These plants will enhance the garden with bright colors and fragrant smells to stimulate the residents' sense of sight and smell.