Recent Programs and Events:

David Pippen's

program on April 22, 2021

entertained and taught us, 

both in person and on Zoom!

Thank you for sharing your talents with us! 

 The workshop 3/9/21 was great! Kathy’s designs and information were wonderful. Here are some photos:

Ward class 2.jpg
Ward class 3.jpg
Ward class 4.jpg

More beautiful arrangements for Hospice House were delivered on April 25!

arrangements for hospice house april 202
Below are pictures of the amazing arrangements each of you so kindly made for the Community Hospice House on January 28, 2021. Ellen Manning the Hospice volunteer coordinator could not believe that we had thirty-five arrangements for her to deliver to the House. Thank you!
Hospice House arrangements 1.jpg

Spring Arbor Memory Care Facility

On April 20, 2021 a few members went to Spring Arbor Memory Care Facility to add plantings.  Shirley Gates, Nancy Scherer, JJ Jordan, & the assistant program manager are pictured here.

Spring Arbor 1.jpg
Spring Arbor 2.jpg
Spring Arbor 3.jpg
Spring Arbor 4.jpg