Design, Horticultural and Botanical - SEPTEMBER 2021




DIVISION 1. Simple and Few - Creative Line Design - Designer’s Choice (see Appendix page A12 and Handbook for Flowers Shows page 74)

DIVISION 2. An Apple for the Teacher - Design that includes an Apple(s) - All Fresh

DIVISION 3. Summer Fireworks - Designer’s Choice

DIVISION 4. All Things Bright and Beautiful - Novice Design* – Designer’s Choice (*The novice design class is for those members who have not earned a blue ribbon in design at one of our monthly meetings.)



Specimen 1. Plectranthus secuteellarioides (Coleus)

2. Dahlia

3. Sedum

4. Perennial in Bloom

5. Annual in Bloom

6. Rosa

7. Planter - 3 or 4 named plants with similar growing characteristics - Accessories not permitted

8. Unclassified



1. Put on your Dancing Shoes -Shoe (Handbook for Flower Shows page 95)

2. Container Grown Miniature Garden (see Appendix page A14 and Handbook for Flower Shows page 92

No Exhibits for October  

Check out the beautiful arrangements made by SGC members for

Fine Arts and Flowers at VMFA, October 20-24!