Upcoming Events and Programs:

All meetings are via ZOOM until further notice.  Thank you for understanding!  A link will be emailed to members prior to the meeting.  Guests interested in the meeting should contact the web master, Gayle Walters, gaylewalters@msn.com to get the link.

January 20, 2021 Program, Annette Ernst
Annette Ernst has been active in Ikebana of Richmond since 2010. She has held many positions on the Board, including president from 2015-2017. She is a member of Ikebana International Chapter 1 in Washington, D.C. She has been taking classes in the Sogetsu School from Jane Redmon since 2011 and is ranked Sanyo, second grade teacher. She has also been taking classes in the Ikenobo School from Elizabeth Berry since 2012 and is ranked Junkakan, Instructor, Second Grade. Both her teachers are from D.C. Chapter 1, and have international training. She has been part of the Hirschler Memorial Flower Arranging team at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts since 2014, displaying in the lobby about four times a year. She creates arrangements regularly at her church as part of her Altar Guild responsibilities.
Program: “Taste of Ikebana” Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arranging that evolved from the Buddhist desire to preserve life. There are several different schools of design that Annette will share with us.




            1. Breakfast in Bed - Tray for One - All Fresh

(See Appendix page A16 and Handbook for Flower Shows page 76)


2. Free Bird - a design incorporating feathers -Designer’s Choice


3. Tropical Punch - All Fresh

            4. Fire and Ice - Designer’s Choice




            1. Forced Bulb(s) in a container

            2. Broadleaf evergreen

3. Needled evergreen, maximum 30”, exhibited without container

            4. Container Grown Plant

                     a. grown primarily for foliage

                     b. flowering

5. Camellia japonica (exhibited in clear glass dish or saucer with bloom on a 1” stem with one or preferably two leaves)

            6. Helleborus

            7. Unclassified



      Artistic Craft

            1. Baubles Bangles and Beads - Necklace

                     (Handbook for Flower Shows page 95)


            2. Arboreal – Winter Interest, winter color, form or textural  (See Appendix page A16               

                       and Handbook for Flower Shows page 91)

January 28, 2021, Hospice House flower arrangements:

On January 28th, volunteers are needed to make small arrangements for the Hospice House. Camille Archie will have containers for volunteers to pickup from her home if one is needed. Those who are interested please email her at mandca@verizon.net. The arrangements will be made in the safety of the volunteers' homes to protect all from the virus and be delivered to Camille's house before 3:00pm. If any designers cannot deliver the arrangements to her house, she will have a small committee to pickup the arrangements. Please consider helping!

February Program for Meeting 2/17/21

Charlie Morgan from Chesterfield Master Gardeners is returning to present a horticultural program, "Mistaken Identity".  He will clarify some misconceptions we might have about native and invasive plants.





                 1. Let the Good Times Roll - Panel Design - Designer’s Choice

                       (See Appendix page A14 and Handbook for Flower Shows page 75)

                2. Lime Feeling Good! - Design Incorporating Fruit - All Fresh

                3. Spring Awakening - Designer’s Choice

                4. Mardi Gras Madness - Designer’s Choice




                1. Galanthus (Snowdrop)

                2. Helleborus

                3. Narcissus

                4. Crocus

                5. Mahonia

                6. Cacti or succulent (potted plant)

                7. Dish Garden

                8. Unclassified



      Artistic Craft

                1. How Sweet it Is - Box of Candy

                (See Appendix page A10 and Handbook for Flower Shows page 95)


                2. Dried or Preserved Blossoms - to be exhibited in a clear, colorless bottle

                (See Appendix page A10 and Handbook for Flower Shows page 92)

Design Workshop March 10th, with Kathy Ward

We have scheduled a design workshop 3/10/21 on Zoom.  This is a date change from the yearbook.  Kathy always has such a variey of information and experience to share with us.  She is always "thinking outside the box"!

Program for Meeting, March 17, 2021

The March program will be given by Leslie Harris, who owns a nursery in Charlottesville.  She will give us new ways to prepare our gardens for Spring!

Program for Meeting, April 21, 2021

The April program is David Pippin.  This will be a spring floral design program.  David always creates gorgeous arrangements with fun and flair!

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