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Award Results May 2022

SGC South Atlantic Region and State Award Results

At the Virginia Federation of Garden Club Spring Meeting, Salisbury Garden Club once again won many ribbons, rosettes, and money for our efforts January 1, 2021- December 31, 2021. SGC received $120 from Piedmont, $60 from VFGC and $50 from SAR! Thanks to the chairmen of each project and the many SGC volunteers who made this all possible.


                      South Atlantic Region of National Garden Clubs, Inc. Awards                              Yearbook: First Place Blue Ribbon                                                                                    National Garden Week: Blue Ribbon 

Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs Awards

        Club Yearbook: First Place – Blue Ribbon and Orange Rosette

        Membership Brochure: First Place – Blue Ribbon

        National Garden Week: First Place – Blue Ribbon

        Website: First Place: Blue Ribbon

        Horticulture Therapy: Second Place – Red Ribbon

        Horticulture Education for Youth: Second Place – Red Ribbon

        Newsletter: Third Place – Yellow Ribbon

        Plant Together Community Garden Project- Honorable Mention

 Awards News from Piedmont District March 2022 
SGC won Blue Ribbons for the following awards: National Garden Week, Horticulture     Education for Youth, Newsletter, Website, Horticulture Therapy, Plant Together      Community Garden and a Blue Ribbon plus an
Orange Rosette for our Yearbook!  

2020 Awards Results

*This PDF document shows all of
the 2020 awards and recognition
our club has received recently!                                                       


Piedmont District Virginia

Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc.

Member of National Garden Clubs, Inc.


EDITION April, 2021   

                                                                    Click on this PDF to read FootPrints! 

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