Monthly Exhibits and Designs

         (submitted virtually)

October 21st Virtual Exhibit Schedule:


Design Division

     1. Social Distancing - A Parallel Design* - Designer’s Choice

     2. Indian Summer - All Dry Plant Material

     3. Every “Witch” Way - Designer’s Choice

     4. Rose Colored Glasses - Novice Design** - Designer’s Choice


Horticulture Division


                1. Aucuba

                2. Herb

                3. Chrysanthemum

                                a. Single flower

                                b. Spray

                4. Ground cover

                5. Perennial in Bloom

                6. Annual in bloom

                7. Unclassified


                8. Blooming Perennial


Botanical Arts Division


                1. Pretty as a Picture - Plaque****



    * A Parallel Design is a creative design where there are three or more groupings are placed in a strong parallel manner.  Parallel direction may be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal.  There should be open[k1]  space between the groupings.  Units may be of one plant material, a combination of plant materials or each of a different plant material.  Design is in one container or containers combined so as to appear as one unit.


    ** The Novice Design class is for members who have never won a blue ribbon for a floral design during a club meeting.


    *** A Collection is 5 or more exhibits that are of the same genus and/or species.  For example - 5 different types of cone flower that differ by species or color or form.  Each is to be exhibited in a separate glass bottle.


    **** A Plaque is a two-dimensional design that is to be displayed vertically (i.e. -on an easel).  It must contain some plant material and that plant material is to be placed in a naturalist position, as opposed to an abstract manner. 

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